Tuesday, 13 August 2013

Bill Nighy could have been the Doctor (but wasn't)

Bill Nighy has revealed that he had been offered the role of the Doctor, but turned it down.  The actor, who, fittingly, is currently starring in Richard Curtis' new film about time travel, About Time, said that the role "comes with too much baggage" which one can assume means all the extra work one might have to do outside of the show, such as convention appearances and publicity events which, as Peter Davison demonstrated a week ago on Sunday, does not stop when you cease to be the Doctor on the television.

We don't know which Doctor Nighy was offered the chance to be, as the 63 year-old has rightly avoided the topic.
I won't tell you when because the rule is that you are not allowed to say you turned that job down because it's disrespectful to whoever did it.
He has however commented on his own joy at seeing Peter Capaldi as the next in line to play the Doctor.
He's a marvellous actor. He'll be very good as the Doctor. He'll bring a lot of wit and dry humour. He's elegant and he looks great.
Whilst I completely understand Nighy's reluctance to take up the role, I have wondered since his role in Vincent and the Doctor (picture above) what he might be like as the Doctor and now I will only wonder all the more.  What do you think?  Would Bill Nighy have made a good Doctor?  Was he right to turn it down or have we all just become witnesses to a huge missed opportunity?  How might the history of Doctor Who have changed?  We can only wonder.



Pedant said...

Sorry to be pedantic but who is Peter Davidson?
I know of a Peter Davison who once starred in Doctor Who but not of a Davidson.

Ricardo Baptista said...

He was my choice for the eleventh Doctor.

Chris George said...

Sorry, side-effect of writing too early in the morning, methinks.

Chris George said...

I was very happy with Matt Smith and am glad to have had him as the eleventh, but I really would have loved to see what Bill Nighy might have done in the role.

Jamie Hooper said...

This is ancient news. It's wrong to even call it news. This is olds. And it was definitely for the 9th Doctor.

Voc 45 said...

Check out Doctor Who Monthly from January 1982 - it proclaims on the front cover "Peter Davidson Is the Doctor!"

James said...

Davis Tennant's father in law.

Ricardo Baptista said...

Matt was brilliant, even with underpar material. But before any names came forth for the eleventh Doctor, Nighy was on the top of my list.