Tuesday, 20 August 2013

Double Birthday for Sylvester McCoy and Sophie Aldred

August 20: Sylvester McCoy and Sophie Aldred have a shared birthday (1943 and 1962, respectively), so many happy returns of the day and all that sort of thing. (It was Anthony Ainley's birthday as well, but sadly filming for "Survival" was a little too soon for a three-way birthday party on location.)

Aldred's been fairly quiet since the Day of the Capaldi, but is trying to drum up support for a "cause close to her heart" - a petition relating to the Lewisham Hospital decision (essentially, the government wanted to close down Lewisham NHS services, the High Court ruled against this, and the petition is to oppose anyone spending any more time and effort having the court decision overturned). And looking for photographs for the Ace Photo Exhibition at the Orbital Gallery in September - she's doing a signing 7 September. McCoy hasn't been in the news much lately, though he's due for an appearance at Dragoncon at the end of the month. (As are a great many other people: Peter Davison, Noel Clarke, the two Barrowmans, John Levene, Gareth Lloyd, Eve Miles, Josh Adams, Kelly Yates, David Warner, and the rest of a guest list that runs on for thirty pages. We checked).


J said...

As I always like to say in the context of birthdays: two on the same day, eh? What are the odds??? Tchh. It can hardly happen two years running.

cobra said...

happy birthday to both of u i respect u both because when u see what u see on tv u think what if that was real and it does look real and i heard a lot about working in live shows and find it all fantastic because if u can do it do it