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Monday, 19 August 2013

First Look at the Official Twelfth Doctor Action Figure

Peter Capaldi has only been the Twelfth Doctor for a few weeks, however BigBangPow have already been hard at work in creating the Twelfth Doctor 8-inch action figure. 

It's a long process in creating an action figure, as detailed by Bethay Grenald on the blog post, however they have already made progress on the initial sculpt, which features a neutral expression. Once approval has been given from the BBC and Peter, they will then add the costume and a "Doctor Who Expression".

 BigBangPow also have created a number of other 8-inch action figures, such as a Convention Exclusive for Comic-Con 2013 of the First and Eleventh Doctors in a collectible Tin Tote



Bub said...

Don't know why but expected more of a Tom Baker curly top...

Jovanka said...

aww, dang-- no facial hair? Capaldi's beards are cool.

Mercy Reborn 2 said...

he doeslook nice with a beard

shadow said...

How do they know his hairstyle already? Matt Smith's changed between announcement and production!