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Tuesday, 20 August 2013

IDW Cements John Hurt's Role in 50th

It has long been said that John Hurt is portraying the incarnation of The Doctor between Paul McGann and Chistopher Eccleston whether it's due to rumours or due to the leaked mention from the royal visit, however the latest IDW only solidifies this.

The latest IDW comic, issue #12, has been released and it solidifies the position all the more. It has been approved by the BBC, and shows the Last day of the Time War and its destruction. The first two pages, pictured below, shows Time Lady exclaim that the incarnation of The Doctor who used The Moment, had rejected the name of "The Doctor". This echoes Smith's statement in The Name of the Doctor, "But not in the name of The Doctor".

You can see the relevant pages from the comic below (click to enlarge):


  1. That almost makes me want to buy that issue... shame it's not in the Prisoner of Time series I'm actually bothering to read. I picked up the 11th Doctor's present IDW series a year or two ago and there was a robot dinosaur as his companion... needless to say I didn't know what was going on and it didn't hold my interest.

  2. Now I'm curious what happened to the Matrix...50th plot?

  3. 'The matrix will preserve its memory' - perhaps a way for Gallifrey to return without the daleks

  4. it sounds interesting

  5. There's a more recent series of 11th Doctor Comics from IDW and they have been quite good, the series that involved the Dinosaur was really hit and miss.


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