Sunday, 1 September 2013

BBC promise "so much more"

The BBC have made another official statement about fan complaints to the lack of output of Doctor Who material in the show's anniversary year.
are you ever going to give us the 50th anniversary trailer??????????????????????????

Oh we're going to give you so much more than a trailer... patience. It's worth the wait - we promise.
Whatever the BBC have planned, it all looks to be scheduled close to the anniversary month itself. Perhaps those rumoured minisodes may come to fruition, or the supposed haul of missing episodes will be announced for release? Who knows? The BBC, that's who...


Will said...

I thought this was gonna be a big year for Who. In America we get one classic story plus a mini documentary every month. What do the Britons get? Well so far DW @ The Proms with very little from the old show except for Peter Davison and Carole Ann Ford.

Seamus T said...

Well to be far the BBC have got a lot to give to make this a big year because in a normal year we get 13 eps + the XMAS and a few odds and ends (Documentaried, Proms, Minisodes etc) this year we have had half a season the proms and got to watch the americans get more on the DVD's and more Documentaries on the TV than us and all we get is a few little ebooks from the episodes that are unrelated some audio books and 11 writers writing some small stories for the short read books.

As far as i can see it the only way they can make this better is by confirming this supposed mass haul of classic finds and giving us LOTS of extra new content asap. (Prehaps an 8th>9th regen or 8th > John Hurt regen) PLEASE :)

Paul F Cockburn said...

What was everyone expecting? Every surviving episode of Doctor Who repeated, prime time on BBC One? Contrary to what you might think, the BBC doesn't spin around Doctor Who and the vast majority of the British public are only likely to get mildly excited by the anniversary when it actually arrives. OK, I'll be a tad disappointed if the weekend of 23rd/24th November isn't wall-to-wall Who (though I suspect there's going to be a certain amount of programming focusing on JFK's assassination too), but I think we've been well-enough served so far. Doctor Who is STILL an ongoing TV series; trust me, after the wilderness years, that's more than enough for me at this point in time.