Monday, 23 September 2013

Charlie Higson's ebook: "The Beast of Babylon"

Today is the 23rd, so it's publication date for Charlie Higson's contribution to the series of Doctor Who anniversary ebooks. He's done the Ninth Doctor short, and you can buy it from Amazon or Itunes right now. An extract is available from the Guardian here. Higson's had an eclectically exciting life, doing a couple of singles for his self-titled band "The Higsons" before moving on to a lot of television and radio comedy. Relevant for our purposes is his producing, writing, acting, and directing for the reboot of Randall & Hopkirk (Deceased), which had a part written just for Tom Baker (and we could provide links for those performances, but you'll spoil yourself for the show). Not to mention all the novels he's done, including the Young Bond line for Puffin Books - see how this works? - and a series of original YA books of his own, The Enemy.

Blurb: "When a girl called Ali pockets a silver orb that falls from the sky, little does she realise it’s her ticket to seeing the universe! Desperate to retrieve the mysterious object, the Ninth Doctor agrees to let her join him on a dangerous trip to ancient Babylon. Together they must join forces to stop a giant Starman from destroying Earth before it’s too late!"

There's quite a nice clip of Higson talking about his story, how wonderful Christopher Eccleston was for helping to bring the show back (he wanted to write about either Eccleston or Hartnell, apparently), and what he'd like to do with time travel if he had it. Do have a look.

Meantime Malorie Blackman, (who did the Seventh Doctor story in this series, amongst her many other accomplishments), is trying to draw attention to UK library closures. We'd be remiss not to mention that in a post about Doctor Who books...and don't forget, Puffin is publishing all the shorts as a proper printed-on-paper anthology come November.

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