Tuesday, 24 September 2013

Radio Times Acknowledges Doctor Who fanvids

Twice in two days, in fact; first up was an article about a fan-made title sequence for Peter Capaldi, although it doesn't extend far beyond "here's a video, it's rather nifty what these fans can do in their spare time, by the way have you ever heard of the Seal of Rassilon?". Not very informative, but the video itself looks and sounds remarkably attuned to the 90s spin-off novels, even before "Last of the Gaderene" appears on screen (no, seriously, go and look for yourselves). Done by a chap called Billydakiduk, who has a few other sequences on his channel, including one that greatly improves on the TVM title sequence by speeding it up a good bit and using a proper vortex instead of an asteroid field.

Then today the Radio Times posted a selection of three more DW videos: another title sequence, "Doctor Puppet", and something that briefly, and correctly, bills itself as "Doctor Who: The Musical". We're not going to try to guess what prompted the selection of these ones in particular, in amongst the utterly enormous selection of fanmade videos that grace the Internet, but it does happen that these three are rather good. NeonVisual (real name Xander David-Hugh, according to his website) has done a few DW title sequences and his Youtube channel has several dozen videos that demonstrate the patient art of creating three-dimensional modeling from scratch. "Doctor Puppet" we've mentioned before; Alisa Stern's production is sweet, amazingly painstaking (stop-motion puppetry is like that), and there's still plenty of installments to come in her multi-Doctor story. It started with her Doctor Puppet Tumblr, pictures of her hand-crafted Matt Smith puppet in amusing poses and places, but people liked it so much she ended up creating an animated series. She has behind-the-scenes info and more on her Youtube channel.

The musical number was done by a couple of New Yorkers, who go by the name AVbyte on Youtube; they make weekly Broadway-esque musical numbers about all manner of fandoms, and ended up doing a DW song only after their fans wrote in asking for one. The behind the scenes video is worth a look too, talking about their general lack of experience with the show and concern for both respecting the programme and creating their own version of the Doctor (this works better then you might think; Travis Slavin isn't trying to imitate Matt Smith or David Tennant and that's a big help for establishing the concept). A followup with a Dalek companion doesn't work quite as well, but they have a solid try despite their lack of a ring modulator or proper prop, and it makes surprisingly good use of a neglected plot point from "Asylum of the Daleks".

In the meantime, we still need a completely different fan video to finish off the post, so how about, ooh, a BBV video. More people should know about "Do You Have A License to Save This Planet?", and it's still a much better send-off for Sylvester McCoy then the aforementioned TVM...

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