Tuesday, 17 September 2013

Scream of the Shalka Release: Lots and Lots of Links

The Shalka TARDIS, from a very early Comic Maker prototype
The BBC has officially released "Scream of the Shalka" now, so naturally Paul Cornell did up a blogpost about it. Largely, collating a selection of interesting Internet links (though we have a few extra ones from the blogpost we did when writing up the mooted Simon Clark sequel).

Briefly: the BBC website for "Shalka" (well, the version from after the blue-and-green redesign for the Eccleston stories); there's some quite nice interviews and desktop wallpaper and so forth. Richard E. Grant insists that he didn't know a thing about the show when he took the part of the Doctor here, which makes one wonder what he thought he was doing in "The Curse of Fatal Death". Plus, Sophie Okonedo saying she'd love to come back and do more DW (they're talking about Alison, but still). An extract from the novelisation, also on the BBC site along with the one followup, a short story by Cavan Scott and Mark Wright called "The Feast of the Stone". The Simon Clark interview, and a lovely writeup by Paul Scoones about his production subtitles for the DVD (really, it's a fascinating read about his process, and how part of the story was inspired by Cornell having a vacation in New Zealand and hanging out with Scoones). Plus a good deal of fan material.

So we'll sign off with one of David Tennant's first roles on Doctor Who...

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