Friday, 11 October 2013

Missing Episodes the Redux: Keith Topping, BBFC, and DVDS

DW novelist and fan Keith Topping did an interview for Jonathan Miles's BBC Newcastle show, available here for the next seven days as usual (Topping comes in around the 18 minute mark). The segment, explaining the excitement about the missing episodes the Nigerian national anthem, and why the term "Whovian" irritates old-skool fans so much, is rather enjoyable and witty. Topping has a longer blog post on the topic here.

The BBFC has rushed through the permissions for the two brand-new DVDs today. For some reason, the Enemy classification is in parts one and two, and here's the one for Web. Nice to see "this work was passed with no cuts made".

They are available for pre-order from the BBC Shop; here's Enemy and here's Web. The former comes out 25 November, the latter 24 February next year. Unless you're from the Antipodes, in which case you're not allowed to buy them at all, goodness knows why. Doesn't look like there's extras, just so you know.

And so, we'll sign off with this BBC news clip about the recovery.

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