Wednesday, 13 November 2013

BBC tease The Night of the Doctor!

The Official Doctor Who Twitter feed has posted a teaser picture of this Saturday's Doctor Who minisode, The Night of the Doctor.
The women in the picture look like they belong to The Sisterhood of Karn, last seen in the Tom Baker story, The Brain of Morbius. The Sisterhood originate from a planet within the same solar system as Gallifrey, so perhaps they link in with the Time War segment of The Day of the Doctor?

The link which is provided with the picture takes us to a page for the Night of the Doctor, which is currently pretty bland; however, the page does tell us that the prequel will be uploaded to iPlayer after broadcast.

The Night of the Doctor will be broadcast on BBC Red Button 1 on a continuous loop between 19:30 and 22:00 on Saturday 16 November.


Luke Foord said...

Really intrigued with this.

linimalD said...

The Warrior - possible name of John Hurt's character?