Tuesday, 26 November 2013

"The Time of the Doctor" Confirmed as Christmas Special Title

The title for Matt's final episode, the 2013 Christmas special, has been revealed and it is The Time of the Doctor. See the BBC's synopsis below:

Orbiting a quiet backwater planet, the massed forces of the universe’s deadliest species gather, drawn to a mysterious message that echoes out to the stars.  And amongst them – the Doctor.  Rescuing Clara from a family Christmas dinner, the Time Lord and his best friend must learn what this enigmatic signal means for his own fate and that of the universe.


r.sienicki said...

This poster is absolutely terrible :(

Ingold Inglorion said...

Lots of hidden things in that photo. Look at the flames next to Matt, I think that's Capaldi's face.

BadWolf 2 said...

i liked the poster