Friday, 31 January 2014

Dognapping - The Case of the Missing K-9

Have you seen this dog?
Once is a practical joke, twice is a bit odd. Yesterday the Plymouth Herald posted this article - full version at the link, per usual: "Last year the K9 model appeared under the village sign in Bere Alston, sparking speculation as to where it had come from." (He's been rather spruced up since his mysterious appearance, with runners putting a protective vest on him and aiding with the creation of a deucedly cute Facebook page.)

"Last week a group of runners from the Bere Alston Trekkers were driving back from Braunton in North Devon when they noticed the metal dog had gone walkies. Emma Dooney said: “He has been in our village for quite a while now and while we were driving back one of the chaps spotted him. Someone had actually taken him and put him under the Tavistock sign, so we loaded him back in the car and returned him to his rightful place.”

"Emma says the mystery of who created the model has still not been solved."

All well and good, but today the Plymouth Herald had this to report. "A METAL dog appears to be at the centre of a tug-of-war between rival villages after he was “stolen” for the second time within a week...This afternoon the dog has once again disappeared from under the Bere Alston sign, prompting fears of a serial dog-napper."

They ask that if anyone knows the whereabouts of the poor canine that they should ring the newsroom "in confidence" on 01752 293 123. Or just Tweet them.

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