Tuesday, 28 January 2014

Peter Davison at Doctor Who Symphonic Spectacular

He's in Australia to host the Melbourne Symphony Orchestra's nights of Doctor Who music.. The Herald Sun has an interview: full version at the link. Largely the standard sort of thing - he likes Steven Moffat's work on the show, he remembers watching the show as a child - but there's a few fresh comments. Re the music: "When you're watching TV or a movie, you're not fully aware of the music, it just sweeps you along...But to hear it being played by a full orchestra is an extraordinary thing. The music of Doctor Who is amazing and nothing can compare to hearing it performed live."

"I love Murray's music, he writes amazing stuff...His influences are of other classical composers as well as the original series, and I think he's brought those two things together fantastically well. They're a very important part of the program."

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