Monday, 3 February 2014

Radio Times poll - Vote for Someone Else's Publicity Campaign

In one of the odder manifestations of postmodern marketing, the Radio Times is doing a poll that will determine three British television shows to be inserted into the upcoming Captain America movie. This requires yours truly to do some tedious cross-promotion and inform you that there is a Captain America movie (subtitled "The Winter Soldier"), and it is due out in theatres 26 March. Or April 4, if you're American.

Anyhow! Doctor Who is on the list, along with a frankly baroque selection of alternatives - Big Brother, Coronation Street, Downton Abbey, Father Ted, Fawlty Towers, Mrs Brown’s Boys, The Only Way Is Essex, Sherlock, and The X Factor. Sherlock's winning and Doctor Who isn't far behind, although there is a laudable third-party effort behind Graham Linehan. The Radio Times explains "A scene in the film will focus on pages from Cap’s notebook detailing what he’s missed during his enforced absence – which includes some great TV. And that’s where you come in. Choose up to three of the ten shows listed in the box below to help decide which one will appear actually on screen in the pages of Captain America’s diary." They're using Captcha, to prevent anything like the Adric stuffing happening again.

This all presumably means that it'll just be a closeup with amusing witticisms, unless they're calling Chris Evans back for ADR. Still, it'd be amusing for a (sort of) time-traveller to be commenting on another time-traveller...

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