Monday, 10 March 2014

BBC Radio 4 - Character Invasion

29 March, "Radio 4 explores all things character. Combining an on-air celebration of how the characters we love have been written, created and bought to life with a day of free events in all the BBC sites that make Radio Drama." More about the day here.

Predictably, the DW events are all in Cardiff, specifically at the Royal Welsh College of Music & Drama. Neill Gorton, director at Millennium FX, is giving a short lecture about how they do effects for DW and other BBC shows. You can apply for tickets here. If that one's full up, they're also doing a drop-in event later that day called "Lights Down, Listen" that promises "From Modesty Blaise to Torchwood Asylum this is your chance to hear some of BBC Radio 4’s best-loved characters past and present. There will be something for everyone from family favourites to ground-breaking drama." So a half-hour montage of random scenes and characters, presumably, one of whom will be Jack Harkness.

(The Saturday 29 schedule is on the short side right now, but more should be added as we get closer to the time.)

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