Thursday, 13 March 2014

LEGO Doctor Who passes 10,000 supporters on Cuusoo!

After being posted on the David Tennant fan facebook page, Glenbrickers TARDIS project has soared past the 10,000 supporters needed to be considered by the LEGO company. His set proposal includes a TARDIS, two Daleks, K-9, and 5 Minifigures.

While we're waiting for LEGO to give their verdict (which should take a couple months) you can keep supporting Doctor Who on Cuusoo to show LEGO that the Doctor Who fandom really does want this. Here are some other standout offerings.

  1. Doctor Who and Companions by AndrewClark2

    This project has possibly the best designed minifigure scale TARDIS on Cuusoo yet, and would contain 5-6 minifigures, as well as K-9 and a Dalek.
  2. LEGO UCS TARDIS Console Room by Xenomurphy

    This beautifully complex project depicts the TARDIS console room from the Eccleston-Tennant era. He's undecided on what minifigures it would include, but it would most likely be 9, 10, and companions if produced.
  3. Dr. Who Tardis Set by flailx

    This project has an ingenious foldout design which allows it to include both the interior and exterior of the TARDIS. Would include two Daleks, Rose, and Tennant.
To support any one of these, all you have to do is register here. Then just click the Support button, fill in the required info boxes, (how much you would pay, why you like it, etc) and you're done!

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