Saturday, 1 March 2014

New David McIntee book inspired by joke about Daleks

Yeah, the headline says it all here. R. J. Blain has recently interviewed McIntee about "We Will Destroy Your Planet" at her website: the full interview is at the link as usual, but here's the opening.

The sort of picture you're liable to find McIntee posting.
"I’ll start off with saying I really enjoyed We Will Destroy Your Planet. It’s a fun, quirky novel, and I’ll definitely be recommending it to my friends who like this sort of book. Where did you get the idea for writing it?"

"Well it’s not a novel, but it’s not really nonfiction either – I’m not quite sure how to describe it- other than as a fan-letter to, and celebration of, the alien invasion genre."

"It actually came from something I’d said as a joke to the editor at Osprey, that it’d be cool to see the handbook issued to Daleks about how to invade planets. Before I knew it, he’d suggested I should do it as a guide for aliens generally, and the marketing department at Osprey had liked the idea enough to come up with the title for it already!"

"So then I sort of had to…"

"Also, obviously I’m a big SF fan, but also martial artist and military history geek (which is how I had come to approach Osprey before, looking for freelance copyediting gigs), and I really wanted to do a book that compared what we see in SF movies and TV to whhat would really happen, as much in terms of applying proper military strategy and tactics as in terms of the science."

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