Monday, 21 July 2014

BBC & BBC Worldwide Release Annual Review 2013-2014

The BBC and their commercial subsidiary BBC Worldwide have released their annual report for the previous year and, as usual, Doctor Who has featured prominently in it, alongside Sherlock and Top Gear, featuring a terrific quote at the end. Here are the highlights from both reviews.

Starting off with BBC Worldwide's financial results, these give us a glimpse into how much money is involved, including how much is going back to fund programmes like Doctor Who.
  • Headline profit up 0.7% to £157.4m, and up 11.6% at constant currency
  • Headline profit margin up from 14.0% to 15.1%
  • Returns to the BBC up 11.4% to £173.8m, equivalent to 10.1% of BBC Television’s content funding in the year
  • Investment in content up 13.7% to £200.6m, including a 19.5% increase in BBC commissions to £88.9m
  • Returns to the independent production sector up 28.1% to £116.4m
Both Reviews features the following Doctor Who mentions:
  • Peter Capaldi in attendance at BBC Worldwide Showcase event
  • Peter Capaldi's announcement was "a major international story" with 542,000 tweets that night
  • The 50th Anniversary special was featured multiple times in the reports including:
    • 12.8m viewers in the UK, becoming the most watched drama.
    • 3.2m additional iPlayer requests, "breaking all records"
    • Simulcast in 98 countries in 15 languages
    • 649,138 tickets in 1,500 cinemas across the world (in 23 countries) - in 3D 
      • 95,000 in 131 cinemas in Australia
    • Guinness World Record for largest ever simultaneous transmission of a TV drama
    • Sold more DVD copies than any previous Doctor Who release
    • BBC America received almost 4.5m viewers
    • Activity on Tumblr beat out the Super Bowl and MTV VMAs.
    • Theatre released delivered equivalent of $4.8m at the box office, coming in second on the night
    • Reached 1.7m viewers in Australia (at around 5am!)
  • Doctor Who has a "major success" in sales (behind Sherlock, which sold to 224 territories)
  • 24,000 fans attended official 50th Anniversary Convention
  • Supplying UKTV with Doctor Who programming
  • The Recently recovered missing Doctor Who episodes, The Web of Fear and The Enemy of the World topped iTunes TV charts in October
  • Download-To-Own sales had "strongest performance yet"
  • BBC America's airing of Time of the Doctor was its first ever showing to receive more than 3m viewers
  • Doctor Who DVD sales in Australia increased 59.6%
  • Doctor Who Symphonic Spectacular toured three cities in Australia
  • Four Doctor Who pop-up shops launched, with one online store
  • "Particular Acclaim for the Doctor Who Prom" for the BBC National Orchestra of Wales
Also of note is how BBC Worldwide are deciding to end the global BBC iPlayer trial next year, along with plans to integrate BBC Store in the UK with iPlayer.

And finally, the BBC Worldwide quote you've all been waiting for:
"A significant amount of work was undertaken to prepare for the Doctor Who 50th anniversary episode screening in November, which was simulcast in 98 countries. Ensuring that content is protected at all stages of its lifecycle is key to the success of our business and to maintaining our reputation as a trusted organisation with high standards of care. "


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