Tuesday, 14 April 2009

Red Dwarf Back To Earth Report

Last night I watched Red Dwarf Back To Earth on Dave (renamed Dave Lister for the event!), all three episodes back to back. But how was it?

I'm not going into what it was about, if you where interested, you watched it anyhow. Wikipedia has an article about it here.

Episode 1 was OK, not great, and a little drawn out.
Episode 2 was a copy of League of Gentlemens Apocalypse (I'm a fan of the TV show, but not the movie), and this sucked.
Episode 3 continued the LOGA theme, until the last 10 minutes, which where OK.

And is it me, or was the entire three episodes not very funny?

Overall, cut it into a 45 minute show. And do I want a season 10? Ordinarily yes, but based on this rubbish, no thanx!

Heres some info about it...


Anonymous said...

i agree i thought it was boring and probibly about three things that i laughed a little at. I hate all thses back in timey parrallel dimension episodes there to confusing and no one really cares whats going on. i love the originals though

Booksteve said...

I did finally start to get into it in episode three but overall I agree with you. You could actually see the guys pausing for the non-existent laugh track to kick in at times!

coconaut said...

Unfunny and yeah, what was up with the League of Gentlemen Apocalypse stuff?

Worst of all was the lack of confidence the makers had in their own programme! It's RED DWARF! One of the greatest shows ever made, but they seemed to think it needed the blessing of Coronoation Street (which I think is a show in the UK but I'm not sure).

Argh, so crushing...

Combom said...

imhop getting corrie involved was cheap, the main factor behind it!