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Monday, 4 July 2011

A Full Series of Doctor Who for 2012 - Steven Moffat

Yesterday at Comic Con Paris Steven Moffat was interviewed by Alain Carraz regarding the confusion of Doctor Who 2012.

Moffat said Contrary to what you may have heard, there will be the same number of episodes next year. At the end of the conference, Steven Moffat returned to the subject to add There will be the same number of episodes. But its true that there will be a change in the mode of distribution. I would explain it all. Later.

Steven Moffat has also confirmed that the BBC has already been approached about the celebrations of the fiftieth anniversary of the series in 2013. He confined to know their intention was to make the best year for a fan of Doctor Who . Their plans are very ambitious.

Asked by a member of the public on killing Rory, Steven Moffat said Rory was really dead once. Describing himself as a romantic, he suggested that we should not worry too much for the future of the character. However, he added that dead Rory leads to something. There will be a pay-off.

Finally, River Song, and the season 6 revelation, Moffat quickly added that River Song, you do not know anything yet!

source (in French)

Yes its been translated from French, using Chrome, I do not Speak French, but I'm sure I am right, I welcome anyone doing the same! Is it possible the Moff has just told us the opposite of what we where lead to believe?


Reba said...

This is highly curious...

CC said...

Argh, Moffat, you devil! I want answers! :P

The Scientist said...

Ah good, I can sleep easy knowing theres a full series next year.

HollowMan said...

Le Grand Moff has warned us several times that answers will come in the course of time. We're all going to have to take a healthy dose of patience. This is a guy who in the modern age of instant TV wrote a story arc that seems to encompass three calendar years. He's going to make us wait on his time.

Farsighted said...

It's possible we are getting some more Doctor Who Adventure games and he's counting those. I know that there was at least one in the plans, but who knows? Or maybe they are making some animated episodes?

jamawalk said...

i feel chuffed to have been right to wait until moffat spoke on the subject before i freaked out about next year.

full series. so, all the newspapers, magazines, tv gossips and websites (looking at you) can stop trying to whip people into a frenzy.

Sullivan said...

I was there and I'm the author of the original article that is linked here (thanks!).

Just to point out, that he exactly said "It's true that there will be a change in the scheduling of the show" which, with the double translation, has become here a change in the mode of distribution which make slighlty less sense.

And regarding 2013, he exactly said he wanted to make it the best year to be a fan of DW.

Otherwise the double translation hasn't really hurted his words :)

Sullivan said...

Oh and while we were at Comic Con we interviewed Steven Moffat, if you want to check it out (it's a video, so the interview is in english):


Antony said...

So, when would a "normal" production run of DW start because I reckon that will tell us everything?

Sullivan said...

A "normal" production run would start around now. Last year, because they knew they only had to air 7 episodes at spring, they started shooting the series in september, having shooted the Christmas Special in July.

Right now, Steven is starting to write the 2011 Christmas Special which is rumored to be shooting around september. Again, rumour has it that they will start shooting series 7 around january. Which still allow for all 13 episodes to be aired autumn 2012.

lackadaisical-anatomy said...

"Dead Rory will lead to something" - DEAD RORY WILL WHAT NOW? Oh hellz to the noes. If Rory dies for sure, I will be in legit. mourning. ...I am too emotionally involved in a fictional characters life.