Tuesday, 29 November 2011

Is Doctor Who Christmas Confidential Scrapped?

The Sun are claiming BBC bosses have wasted thousands of pounds by scrapping the Christmas episode of Doctor Who Confidential which has already been filmed.

Series producer Gillane Seaborne claims "The biggest regret is the episode of Confidential we've filmed for this year's Doctor Who Christmas special which now won't be shown, So I guess in the fine traditions of Doctor Who, we now have our very own missing episode."

Industry experts put the cost of an episode of the show, which was presented by Alastair Sooke, at around £50,000 but "possibly more".


So do the Sun have it wrong again? We know Doctor Who Confidential has been axed, and that the show for Christmas was the last one, so do the Sun have the two confused and are trying to make a story out of very little? I have read today it was made without being green lit by the BBC (unconfirmed), but I am sure whatever happens, any footage will appear as a DVD extra, eventually.

The Christmas Radio Times, due out in just over a week, it will reveal all!


Fezmeister said...

Wasn't it confirmed when news first broke that TWoRS's Confidential would be the last, and not the Christmas Special, even though some of it must have been filmed?

riftmaster said...

They have created an episode, they had a wrap party a few days ago.