Thursday, 12 April 2012

Doctor Who Series 7: Episode 5 Filming

Here is a huge post (from which I will be doing for every episode of Series 7) containing all the filming from this episode of Series 7. Be warned....there is alot!
The Williams (Pond) share a kiss...the doctor not taking notice, September 15th 2018

Rory (Arthur) buys coffee from an american booth, September 15th 2018
The Doctor, Rory, Amy and an unknown guy sat behind, September 15th 2018
The Same scene (from above) at a different angle, September 15th 2018
Rory (Arthur) looking rather disappointed in a scene in NY, September 15th 2018

The Doctor and Amy Smile and wave to someone (presumably Rory walking
towards them), September 15th 2018
The Doctor pulling his thinking face and Amy - with glasses, September 15th 1918
The Doctor reading a book, Amy reading a newspaper with the headline:
DETRIOT LIONS WINS SUPERBOWL -  also giving the date as September 15th 1918

More Details of filming in Cardiff to be added soon, aswell as more filming videos adding onto another post!


Jason Campbell Cook said...

 Arg! First off .. "coloured man"? Yikes! No one uses that term anymore because it is somewhat offensive.

Second, I can't stand they it is supposed to be fall when trees are blooming. That doesn't happen in NYC.

Third, Lions win superbowl .. in September? Er .. um, the superbowl is in February. Somehow I don't think that will change is the next 6 years (assuming 2018 is the correct year), and there was no superbowl 94 years ago (if the 1918 year in the caption of the final two pictures is correct).

thesnappysneezer said...

Wow my 40th Birthday is September 18th, 2018, I will be 39.