Friday, 6 April 2012

Doctor Who Series 7 - What is happening with the Weeping Angels?

What is happening, with the Weeping Angels?

The last few days of filming for Doctor Who has been for a mix of episodes (Episodes 1 and 5). Focusing on filming for Episode 5, Rory and Amy's last episode, there has been several set reports (mainly documented on social media) about Weeping Angels been on location. 

 Here are both the reports stating what they say was happening on the scene.

 'Because it is on university campus we couldn't document anything that was happening on any footage but what we saw was in the University Campus down City Road in Cardiff the following happened; The Doctor and Amy (No Mention of Rory - Skaro) walk into a building, as they was walking in they looked up and saw a Weeping Angel - however ignored it.' - John Webb

Further details: The part of the University where it was being filmed is the Astronomy Block.

'Doctor who are filming up the road from me just now behing Cardiff uni,they were there this morning (my old boss told me) and I stopped by after work to have a peek, way to cold to hang about. One of my other mates said there weeping angels there, Not sure if they are back tomorrow though' - Liza Coyle

EDIT: Video of filming will be up later today as well as filming pictures.

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