Monday, 21 May 2012

"********* on a *********"

I'll take this spoiler with a grain of salt until it's official, but the title of episode 2 of series 7 may have just been leaked by The Daily Star. Considering the source I might need a whole salt mine, but then these things have a history of being leaked by such sources. So, if you want to know the title, then "SPOILERS!"

Dinosaurs on a Spaceship?

Source : Daily Star


jamesgrayh said...

If that is the title, you could insert ANY two nouns there.

Although, to be fair, The Moff did say that - after the big attention they got from the title 'Let's Kill Hitler' (which lead into a spike in ratings) - he was intending to give every episode of Series 7 an attention-grabbing name. 'Dinosaurs on a Spaceship' would certainly do that!

If that is the title, though, I just hope the dinosaurs can be well-realised...

Mike Jackson said...

 Right now, I take everything like this with a Dead Sea sized lump of salt, but it's so outta left field I kinda halfway believe it. If nothing else it was a good excuse to fire up Photoshop and make a silly graphic. I wonder if any other site will repost it?

Jason said...

Similar to the IMDB episode guide for series 7, someone put "Dinosaurs in Space". 

shadow exreality said...

Could they be robot dinos? Like the companion from the DW comics?

com bom said...

christ ON A bike?

Mike Jackson said...

It's more likely a Silurian's pet velociraptor gets loose on a Space Love Boat. I can picture the cold open of the episode as pet
Dino" is crouched over an Ood ship's steward. Though we see no gore so as to  spare the kiddies nightmares, it's clear that the prehistoric monster is making a meal of the Ood:

"Blimey, yet another Ood I failed to save. Oh dear. This is becoming a pattern."

Raptor turns ominously toward the Doctor and Ponds looking over it's shoulder for dessert.

"Ah, first the oohs and aahing, then the running and screaming. LISTEN - when I say 'Run' -"

The Doctor is interrupted by the raptor's eardrum shattering roar...  it charges.

"oh - hell - RUN FOR YOUR LIVES!"

Cue opening titles...

See, this stuff just writes itself?

Wizzer10 said...

Mikey boy, salt comes from the sea, not from mines. Have they not taught you that at the institution yet?

Desareilla said...

Sounds interesting.