Tuesday, 22 May 2012

TV Choice's TV Choice Awards 2012 - Voting Opens. Will Doctor Who win again?

TV Choice Awards (do NOT to confuse this with National Television Awards or the BAFTAs!) are open for your voting and yet again, Doctor Who and the rest of the Whoniverse has it's foot in the door and here's the options that we think you will be most interested in. I've also included the ones that I like too simply because I want to!

image: Best Drama Series
In here, we have Torchwood: Miracle Day. I doubt this will win due to it having numerous plot holes, being too long, and generally being a fairly disliked season losing its appeal very quickly. Being Human, mainly produced by Who writer Toby Whithouse, is also another contender, though is this likely to win it now? (it did win last year however so lets not rule it out!) Sherlock (by Steven Moffat and Mark Gattiss) is also another key contender for us, albeit less as Who fans but more fans of Who writers, and this is much more likely to win.

On a more overall note, there are plenty of other contenders that stand out of which a fair few are American imports. Some popular ones such as Game of Thrones seem likely possibilities to get fairly far. I'd also like to mention Fringe which, while I know is not going to win as it's not well known enough, I recommend every Who fan to watch this science-fiction masterpiece. Anyone who follows me on Twitter knows that I am obsessed about this show.

Previously, Being Human has got this once and Ashes To Ashes have won this twice.
image: Best Family Drama

This category is most likely the most important for us. We have Doctor Who, Merlin and The Sarah Jane Adventures. Whether Doctor Who can win again or be defeated by Waterloo Road, time will only tell. It's a shame we can rule out SJA in this category (it's a children's show not a family show anyway!) on what is almost definitely it's last chance. It's down to how split the Doctor Who and Merlin fans are since we do crossover a lot!
Previously, Doctor Who has scraped up this award twice and Waterloo Road has got it once.
image: Best Actor
Yet again, we have the usual here. Benedict Cumberbatch and Martin Freeman from Sherlock, Colin Morgan from Merlin and, obviously, Matt Smith. Also of note is John Simm (The Master) from Mad Dogs.

Personally, I'd like to mention Peter Firth who did a great job during Spooks' 10 season run.

Looking back, previously we've had David Tennant (who won against Cumberbatch and Morgan) as our only related winner. Things are looking curious here as we have no idea who's going to take the crown.
image: Best Actress
Here we have former companion Freema Agyeman (on behalf of Law & Order: UK) up against Karen Gillan.
Previously, Gillan has won it once but Denise Welch has won this twice. Can Karen beat everyone again? (The correct answer is Yes!)

And that's all Who related things there are in the awards (there are other categories though!) so click here and vote now!

Voting closes on the 15th June and we will see the Winners' Ceremony take place on the 10th September.

Good luck!

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