Wednesday, 9 May 2012

Why does 'Asylum of the Daleks' seem a likely title?

Asylum of the Daleks is the recent Doctor Who Series 1 Episode title, and with it comes a load of facts that support the idea for the title. One of these ideas involves the Special Weapons Dalek - which we know will feature quite a lot to the episode.

The Special Weapons Dalek was not explained much in the episode it featured, Remembrance of the Daleks however in the novelization of the episode it clearly states that the ''enormous power source required for its weapon resulted in high levels of radiation being released and altering the structure of the Dalek's brain, resulting in insanity.''.

Now, an Asylum is a place where (usually, but not in this case) people who are insane are taken to 'live' and be locked up, Similar to Bedlam Hospital in Shakespearean Times. We have also seen broken Daleks (dirtied up from the classic series) which could be old, dead or broken daleks which have also been in this Dalek 'Asylum.

Could the title be true or just another hoax like Extermination of the Daleks? 

As of this moment I believe this is the correct title so shall add it to our Series 7 page, but will add To be Announced to it, just to satisfy anyone who doesn't fancy it being classed as confirmed yet. :) - Skaro.


Jay Epps said...

Or, it's Asylum in the political sense? The New Paradigm Daleks are eliminating the holdouts of the old varieties that refuse to accept their new order of things? That would explain why we have such a variety of models.

James Walker said...

that makes more sense to me as well, Jay. the Daleks don't really seem the type to help their sick brethren when they could just exterminate them and move on.

riftmaster said...

Source of this info?

dalek1099dw said...

Asylum doesn't necessarily mean for mad people-it is a place of safety.You are calling asylum-seekers mad.The episode will probably be based on a place that yields protection from the new daleks,trying to wipe them out.

gbollard said...

I'd so love to see the new series get into the mind of the special weapons dalek.  The novelization of Remembrance is brilliant.