Tuesday, 7 August 2012

Matt Smith Wants Christopher Eccleston To Return To Dr Who

Matt Smith has said that he wants to see 9th Doctor, Christopher Eccleston return to Doctor Who, despite him recently ruling out ever returning to the show.

On the idea that next year's 50th Anniversary should see multiple Doctors to return to Doctor Who, Matt Smith said: "It's a [good idea], yeah. But that's easier said than done I would have thought," Smith said, reports Esquire.

He continued: "Chris will be alright. Well, I mean, who knows? I'd love it. I'd love him to come back... I love his Doctor. I really do. He was from Manchester. Proper hard. Leather jacket. He'd give my Doctor a bit of a whopping, wouldn't he?"



Robert Sienicki said...

I think the 8th Doctor should return. That would be awesome. And to be honest there would be great to see 8th Doctor changes into 9th with "help" of 11th.

Victoria Lynn Strickland said...

I'd love for them to bring back as many as they could, especially Eight. We were cheated out of our regeneration scene and I for one want to see it!

Andrew Davies-Land said...

I think it would be a cool idea as part of the 50th that we get 10 & 11 meeting with 8 but something happens to him and he regenerates into 9...but just to make sure 8 gets enough screen time, they (9-11) would go a little further back in time and get 8 again LOL..

Good Wolf said...