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Wednesday, 19 September 2012

New Promotional Pictures for The Angels Take Manhattan

These are the promotional pictures for The Angels Take Manhattan. For those wondering, these were meant to be released on Tuesday, but due to an error on the BBC Pictures, they were released without a date and therefore, other sites have permission. 

As these are the last pictures to be released (save for the extra "secret" ones afterwards), Original full resolution zips are available if people want them.


mcj545 said...

Great pictures! I'd love the full original resolution zips!

Ricardo Baptista said...

Btw the Lions never won (or even reached) the Super Bowl, so... alternate reality?

Graeme Robertson said...

it's meant to be in the near future, as that is 'now' for the Ponds

Ricardo Baptista said...

Oh, okay, I thought it was in the past because of River's oufit. Then again Moffat rarely writes an episode in a single time-space.