Wednesday, 2 January 2013

How the Doctor Puppet Saved Christmas

I think we covered the Doctor Who puppet a long while back, but, well, I missed this until today, and it's more than a week late, but what the heck, for those of you who missed it's existence as well here's the charming little short.

The creator's YouTube page says: "Hello! I'm Alisa, an animator living in Brooklyn. I love puppets and Doctor Who, so I made the Doctor Puppet and started a Tumblr blog about him. A few months ago I decided to go a step further and create a Doctor Who stop motion Christmas special in my free time. I wrote the script and made the snowman puppet weeks the BBC announced that the official Christmas special would be called "The Snowmen." I promise that no real TARDIS was used during production."

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Farsighted said...

Love the Doctor Puppet! This is adorable; what an amazing thing. Very professional.