Monday, 4 February 2013

Doctor Who Filming at TV Centre

As seen on Twitter:

I'll miss this kind of stuff when they finally shut . Arrive for work & they're filming Dr Who in reception!!

Update: From Facebook:

"TVC reception on Sunday 3/2/13 looks like it's transformed into the BBC Club, circa 1963, for a forthcoming drama about you-know-WHO. Thanks to Andrew Mark Sewell for posting this. Very exciting!"


Mercy said...

I think its going to be a great docudrama, i cant wait to see it

A Police Box said...

I know it's sounds a little too detailed but It's actually not a Docudrama. I think it's basically a Drama Based on a True story. A Docudrama is when there is a voice-over or interview with dramatised shorts following it. This is purely a drama. :) Sorry to be so precise, haha! :)