Friday, 5 April 2013

No 9th Doctor involvement in Doctor Who 50th Anniversary

Recently, the BBC has denied tabloid reports that Christopher Eccleston has 'pulled out' of the Doctor Who 50th anniversary episode, stating his decision to not start in it "has not impacted on the shows 50th Anniversary"

The BBC's official statement to Digital Spy stated:

"Chris met with Steven Moffat a couple of times to talk about Steven's plans for the Doctor Who 50th anniversary episode. After careful thought, Chris decided not to be in the episode. He wishes the team all the best."

What do you think, are you disappointed of his-non-involvement? or pleased?



Andrew Davies-Land said...

so do you think this is the only reason we have David?..

Combom Pazza said...

sux him not there, but the 50th already seems a let down!

Kevin Fisher said...

Terrible. So now it's going to be the Rose Tyler show featuring her little buddy 10 (and some guy named matt smith). If it was going to be two Doctors then that's fine but why involve Rose at all? Not necessary and distracting. Doctors 4-8 get snubbed and yet Rose has had more returns than last night's curry. The return of the "Rose/10 Show" is not something I want to see again.

PunkJohnnyCash said...

I'm indifferent. I am indifferent about 9 or 10 returning. I want to see classic Doctors and the new stuff I really don't care much about.

James Walker said...

i'll believe it when i don't see it, you know?

PastryPrincess5 said...

Really disappointed. So we only get Doctors 10 and 11 for the 50th anniversary special? Ridiculous. Where are the classic Doctors and their companions?

George E. Pie said...

Its a shame but not unexpected.

I'm not sure why the 50th seems a let down yet though. The 11 Doctors is an impossibility, The 8 Doctors an improbability.

Personally, the Doctor I'd really like to see again is McGann, but that probably wont happen either.

We should be happy to celebrate 50 years of a great program in whatever form we get.

Whatever comes will not suit everyone and I suppose some people will think it cool to criticise plot holes etc, but why don't we enjoy it for what it is, good wholesome fun.

Jeff Tullin said...

if 9 and 10 had come to the party, would that have involved 2 Roses?

Angelo Ace said...

Well, Chris Eccleston is busy with Thor 2 and whatever other promo for the movie. I wish he was in the anniversary. I'm hopeful that Mcgann makes an appearance. Hey, at least we got the zygons for now.

John Laubach said...

He sucked as the Doctor anyway just above Colin Baker

Matthew Bagnall said...

The lack of 9th doctor is a great disappointment. The fourth series finale essentially had three doctors (Two 10th Doctors and Donna with the Doctors mind) at the moment none of the finale's have even managed to top those two episodes for me - in terms of scale or in terms of 'squeeness' (Enjoyment)

I was hoping that we'd have the three new doctors at least however with the lack of Chris as the 9th and filming already started i doubt we'll see more of them. Maybe cameos from the rest... but this is seeming more like a let down the more i read about it.

Lets be honest. We all know that if Rose is back then it means either one of three things. Either;

Its a flashback
Time vortex problems and they meet up with the eleventh

Its the parallel world Doctor with Rose

If it is any option other than the parallel world doctor then we know nothing can happen to them - given the fact that it would destroy the timeline and those are fixed events... meaning the only option is;

We are getting the human doctor who has likely built/found/grown a tardis and is traveling in it with Rose.

So plot sounds something like this;
Set after the events of series 7. In a parallel world the 10th Doctor is trying to free Rose from the Zygons. Suddenly a large rift opens pulling them into the time vortex. Meanwhile the 11th Doctor still reeling from the events of the finale while talking with Clara is hit by a sudden burst of energy as the Tardis's collide in the vortex. With time running out before the 11th Doctor falls the two Doctors must team together to defeat an unknown enemy and restore time to its proper events... even if it means his death.

Matthew Bagnall said...

Nope... the 10th will be the human version. Otherwise it messes up the timelines too much and provides no suspense for the audience. The 10th (Human doctor) will probably be the one to give River his screwdriver - seeing as the 10th Doctor's screw driver is the one that looks closest to the one seen in the library and the other Doctor has likely made his own screw driver.

dalek1099dw said...

Its probably the proper timelord 10th Doctor because on set pictures showed David Tennant in his grey suit and the human doctor was in the blue suit but its possible he could have made a grey suit up becuase the timelord 10th Doctor made up another blue suit but the 10th Doctor's tardis was also on set but the human doctor could have grown his own tardis as suggested by a deleted scene in Journey's End but the evidence still makes me think its the timelord 10th Doctor.

Mark Schleupner said...

Disappointed, but this was expected, Eccleston has been distancing himself from Doctor Who since he left. As far as the plot goes, didn't Matt Smith drop the word "paintings" a while ago? What if there is some collector that has paintings of the past 10 doctors and somehow Matt goes to the museum and jumps into the painting of David Tennant with awesome 3D effects?

BigDaddy DMick said...

HEY!!!!! watch it chum!!! lay off of Colin
Baker!!!!!! he has done more for the show than Eccleston will EVER DO!!!! but yet Moffat isn't asking him to come back!!? this 50th is gonna' SUCK!!!!

Sharee MacDonald said...

I wish 9 was coming back but I'll take cameos from other Who actors. Isn't it possible though that David and Billie were announced because they were doing location shoots and it would have been to hard to keep the info from leaking out? Maybe we'll still get some surprises.

Anonymous said...

I believe the 10th doctor to be the human one. The great intelligence enemy from Xmas n episode 1 of the 2nd part series will be in the shows final i reckon and will have something to do with opening the dimensions for human 10th doctor and rose to cross over, as the great intelligence is an old series enemy and it's said his kind existed before the universe and can open dimensions or something like that.

Lucille7777 Lucille7777 said...

I agree with you Kevin 1000%!

Lucille7777 Lucille7777 said...

Of course Moffat has to drag in his favorite Riversong, meanwhile the people we really want to see like Martha, Captain Jack (he's twitted he's not in it), and some of the other former Doctors are a no show; bummer.

Dave said...

I love how you just make up bullshit and call it facts. The Sun could learn some things from you.

Matthew Bagnall said...

Do not insult me on here. That is breaking the following rules on this forum;

- Bullying
- Cruelty

Matthew Bagnall said...

Pretty sure we'll have cameo flashbacks to characters... even though Moffat prefers to think of his seasons as not connected to RTD's

Dave said...

Very well. I apologize. Still doesn't change the fact there is little to no basis for that plot synopsis.

Matthew Bagnall said...

- The Zygons are confirmed
- Tennants favorite enemy are the Zygons - its likely no coincidence they were recently revealed to be in the 50th.
- River Song is 'Moffats baby' she is appearing in the finale of this season so will likely be appearing in the 50th - especially seeing as she is his wife and knows his name before her death at the library
- Clara is confirmed
- Rose Tyler is confirmed
- 10th Doctor is confirmed
- 11th Doctor is confirmed
- Trying to use the non-clone 10th Doctor would result in continuity problems as Rose is already sleeping with the human version of the 10th Doctor and is likely married to him at this point.
- Trying to use the 10th Doctor from any previous point before the events of 'Journeys end' would also create continuity problems
- A 3D scene of the Tardis in the vortex is confirmed - this is likely during a chase scene or action scene as otherwise it's been seen before
- Daleks are the shows most well known enemy. They will likely get a cameo or mention.

"The Valeyard, Doctor, is your penultimate reincarnation... Somewhere between your twelfth and thirteenth regeneration" (Some people state that it meant incarnation - in which case he would have only 12 regenerations with 13 bodies. It is also where the 13 rule comes from for 'the Doctor' - The Master has always known that that is what the Doctor will become or create.

Thus confirming the Doctor has thirteen lives and at some point part/all of him becomes the entity known as the Valeyard. Given the show this means that he'll probably be hinted sometime soon.

Entity controlling the tardis;
If the 50th Anniversary clears up all the loose ends then it'll either reveal who controlled the tardis or it'll simply leave that for series 8. Either way we can expect a reveal of who was controlling the tardis before the 11th Doctor leaves.

Matthew Bagnall said...

Personally i feel Moffat only brought them back because fans wanted to see them. Nothing more, Nothing less. I'm guessing the 10th Doctor will probably just be more or less a dead weight trying to protect Rose...