Wednesday, 24 April 2013

Story arcs to be resolved in Doctor Who Series 7 Finale

Steven Moffat says we'll finally see the resolution to several of the story arcs that he has tantalized us with since the beginning of his era.

"There's often an element of throwing in some lovely names, and then figuring it out later, but I've always had a sort of plan for the Doctor and Trenzalore," he said in DWM.

"Things will be resolved. Things I've left hanging in plain sight – and sometimes not in plain sight – will be tied up…I feel as though we’re going to deliver. We've only just finished shooting the actual completed ending – it's ridiculously secret – but it's quite a thing, hopefully."

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Mercy Reborn said...

It will be nice to get some answers at last and the silence will fall it took them long enough