Saturday, 11 May 2013

Doctor Who - The Name of the Doctor: Bessie is back

Classic Doctor Who fans will know the name Bessie as the name of the Doctors trusty automobile, after recent clips from The Name of the Doctor trailers and several sources claiming the same thing, it is safe to say - Bessie is back!

In the trailer below you can see the Doctor's Car drive past Clara, in what appears to be her in the 1970's. To see the exact frame from the trailer - click here.

It appears that Clara has been super-imposed onto a scene from the 20th Anniversary episode, The Five Doctors, it with Clara being put in the background. Could this have been done on other clips too?


Craig Brown said...

She's "born to save the Doctor" for some reason and while we don't know why. It seems that an incarnation of her has always watched over him, trying to get his attention but he always "runs" before he notices her (hence him driving past). Also, this may be why she can't help but tell him to "remember". Subconsciously, she wants him to remember seeing her all throughout his life.

Shaun Featherstone said...

Doing her best Sophie Aldred by the looks of at jacket!