Friday, 10 May 2013

Doctor Who Nightmare In Silver Preview Clip 2 - Cyberman Attack!


Matthew Bagnall said...

Cybermen do not move like that... that is a weeping angel level speed given to a Cyberman - and honestly it makes them less scary and raises questions...

Why didnt the Cyberman use the super speed to kill everyone in the room instantly

Why did the Cyberman only use the super speed to travel forward a meter

Why are Cybermen shown running, stomping, walking and speeding? - shouldn't they just stick to one form of travel as the super speed is the most silent...

Is there any suspense with Cybermen given they can now move as fast as Flash or Superman and look like Iron Man?

Why are their two Angies? Is it bad editing...? or are they going to pull the whole 'time is collapsing so everyone is being fractured and is echoing through time' thing?

Why the hell does that random fat dude run at the Cyberman screaming? Firstly, it knows where you are. Secondly, that woman said 'attack formation' so they obviously know how to fight it. So why run at it to get killed?


In addition - no reaction from the Doctor about the Cybermen? Surely he should be stating about how they either; escaped the parallel world (Cybus Cybermen) or managed to somehow rebuild themselves (Mondas Cybermen)

In addition also - Their has been a Cybus Cyberman in the 'Next time' trailer so does that mean that we are all being fooled and these are just Cybus Cybermen again?

Kevin Fisher said...

Is Neil Gaiman a fan of Dan Simmons? That Cyberman moves like The Shrike. If the new "super speed" is a result of fast time rather than fast actuators I would guess so.