Friday, 21 June 2013

Big Finish prepares for July...

July sees a number of releases from Big Finish, many of them being sequels or follow-ons to stories released over the past few years. So as not to alienate listeners not familiar with the characters in July's releases, the lovely people Big Finish have provided us with a sale of all the required titles needed to fully enjoy their latest tales.

Former Nazi, Elizabeth Klein returns in Doctor Who: Persuasion, where she once again meets the Seventh Doctor. Klein's previous appearances include Doctor Who: Colditz, Doctor Who: A Thousand Tiny Wings, Doctor Who: Survival of the Fittest, Doctor Who: The Architects of History, and last year's epic: Doctor Who: UNIT: Dominion. All these releases are priced at £5 each for CD and download, apart from the 4 CD UNIT: Dominion box set, which is £20 for the CD and £25 on download.

In preparation for Doctor Who: Mastermind, in which the Master makes his reappearance, Doctor Who: Dust Breeding and Doctor Who: Master have been reduced to £5 for CD and download. Geoffrey Beevers appears as the Master in all of these stories, delivering his chilling incarnation of the Doctor's arch-nemesis. Mastermind also sees the return of the Vault: a secret UNIT base hidden beneath the Angel of the North. The Vault and it's staff previously appeared in Doctor Who: Tales from the Vault, which is also priced at £5 for CD and download.

Big Finish's final offer is to promote Counter-Measures: Series Two, featuring characters who me the Seventh Doctor in the television episode Remembrance of the Daleks. Counter-Measures: Series One, which depicts the Counter-Measures team after their battle with the Daleks, is priced at £20 for CD and download.

Head to the Big Finish Bargains page now and pick up these fabulous stories in time to experience their inevitably astonishing sequels!


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