Monday, 24 June 2013

"Rivers of London" optioned for television series

Ben Aaronovitch, he of "Remembrance of the Daleks," "Battlefield," and several Virgin New Adventures, announced on his blog today that his urban fantasy series "Rivers of London" has been optioned for televison. Despite his swearing never to write telly ever again... Feel Films is planning a series of as yet indeterminate length (perhaps to be picked up by the BBC, though the process is still in very early stages). They're a small London-based production that's been in business since 2004; their latest project is a seven-part adaptation of the Susanna Clarke novel Jonathan Strange and Mr Norrell, in production now. You can read more about Rivers of London here, on Aaronvitch's series website. The series has been published by Gollancz and currently comprises four books: Rivers of London (2011), Moon Over Soho (2011), Whispers Under Ground (2012), and Broken Homes (25 July, 2013).

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