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Monday, 22 July 2013

An Adventure in Space and Time Trailer - Leaked

Since Steven Moffat made it clear that if anyone leaked the trailer of the 50th Anniversary online, there would be no more extras at Comic Cons, no one has leaked the 50th Anniversary trailer. What did fans do? They leaked the other trailer. Here is the trailer for the docudrama An Adventure in Space and Time.

Please remember that as it is a leak on a camera, the audio/video quality is far from great. We will, of course, update you will better quality versions (hopefully official!) as soon as they are available.

The video has now been pulled.


XK said...

Wait, do people actually believe him when he says these things? Of course there will be extras at ComicCons, the marketing department will take care of that. I don't think even he expected anyone would believe that.

Mercy Reborn 2 said...

i can wait for the trailers

swedenspeedway said...

Not sure why you tried to put the link of the video here before it was put down... I mean sure I am friggin excited for both things and would like something now but if they prefer us not touching anything shouldn't we just ignore if someone does it rather then put it here?

I can't say I don't want to give it a peak, but I rather ignore it actually.. and while I don't work in this blog or anything could you please ignore any more leaks? If we want leaks, we'll search for it but I kind of think you shouldn't put stuff up here even if it's someone else who leaked it.

It's obvious that you are great fans and great fans can wait. You after all did not leak that video and put it on youtube, but you did put it's link here.. so I am not saying anything you guys are still obviously true fans but maybe.. just maybe we should look the other way even if it is someone else that does it?

Tim Drury said...

I think you underestimate the power of Stephen Moffat.

swedenspeedway said...

Oh one more thing, the Adventure in Space of Time Travel counted. Steven said that himself.

*Ironic Clap*

Let's never do this again. Didn't anyone learn form HL2?

pcjonathan said...

Well hey, blame the people who were there. When you see tons of stuff being said about the 50th Anniversary trailer being forbidden from leaking and no one says anything about the Adventure in Space and Time trailer (and when you're not actually there to know any better), when Mark Gatiss himself doesn't tweet anything about it and when the official feeds/twitter accounts all refer to ONLY the 50th (and use singulars not plurals), then I can hardly consider that our responsibility.

If you want to Ironic Clap someone, do it to the right people please.

swedenspeedway said...

Alright, I'm sorry. Did not intend to directly attack you guys or anyone really, I just spoke openly about what I thought about the act itself. But sorry, it wont happen again.

pcjonathan said...

No worries. Just wanted to get that off my chest and make it clear that we knew nothing of that part. Though the look on my face when I found out was priceless. :P

Jongjong said...

Omg it looks soo exciting, imagine that a really amazing way of pulling it off on how it was created specially acting and making it really look like the 60s I LOVE IT!! Just gonna have to wait until November 23 :3

Patronza said...

Here's the trailer, still awful quality off someone's phone