Monday, 15 July 2013

Heathrow Airport and Doctor Who

So you'd think that Heathrow Airport might be slightly wary of associations with Doctor Who after "Time-Flight," but no, they seem to still be on speaking terms with the BBC. The Radio Times is reporting a special partnership exhibit in celebration of the 50th anniversary. According to them, "tomorrow, passengers travelling through Heathrow will have to navigate aliens, props, Tardis photobooths and – for launch day only – the London Philharmonic Orchestra, who will be performing themes from the show in Terminal 5. Doctor Who novelist Jenny Colgan, author of the recently released Doctor Who: Dark Horizons, will also be signing books for fans on the day."

Moffat joked, “We are delighted to announce another extension to Heathrow's world-beating facilities - all of space and time in a stylish blue box, complete with phone. Heathrow with time travel - nobody need ever be late again.”

(There aren't any such plans for Gatwick Airport, even though in terms of "stories that make airports look really exciting and futuristic," "The Faceless Ones" does a much better job than the one with prehistoric Concorde. So largely a publicity push for international travelers, then. Presumably Boris Johnson will propose tomorrow that the exhibit be moved to the Thames estuary...)

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EyeofOrion said...

Is it just me...or are Steven Moffat's jokes no longer funny.