Wednesday, 14 August 2013

Big Finish goes portable!

Big Finish - the home of Doctor Who on audio - has uploaded a guide to its website about how to download purchases directly to an iPhone or iPad device, without needing a computer.

At the moment, the method is in its earliest stages, but Big Finish promise that they are "currently developing a way for items purchased from our website on these devices to be streamed or played while you're still online". The move comes at an attempt from the company to make their products more accessible to consumers, as requested numerous times on Big Finish's own forums.

Another topic that Big Finish have addressed is the availability of their stock through retail sites on the internet. Since their conception at the turn of the century, Big Finish has often been asked questions about why their products are not available to a wider market, through outlets such as iTunes or The report explains why Big Finish is unable to provide their latest releases on these sites, and explains their trouble their business would face if they were to do so. Big Finish do however state that a back catalogue of some of their older productions are available on iTunes, but may take some finding in order for customers to be able to buy them.

Once again, Nicholas Briggs is right in claimg that "subscribers get more at"


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Ingold Inglorion said...

Screw iTunes. Some of us avoid using that bloated piece of junk deliberately. I'd rather 100% of my money go to Big Finish.