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Saturday, 3 August 2013

The BBC wants your questions for the next Doctor.

So, we already know that the actor to play the twelfth (official) incarnation of the Time Lord known as 'the Doctor' will be announced live on BBC one from 7pm tomorrow night.  This is not, however, just a one-way event, with the new Doctor beamed live into your living room like the plot of some seven-year-old's work of fan fiction, no!  The BBC want it to be a bit more interactive than that, apparently.

The new Doctor will be interviewed after their grand reveal and the BBC want some of the questions asked to come straight from the fans.  Whilst they are unable to guarantee that all questions sent to  them will be asked (for obvious reasons) they are requesting the most original questions people can think of.   All questions should be e-mailed to with the subject heading 'Next Doctor Questions' before 12:00 on Sunday (GMT).  Please include your first name, your age and the village, town or city you're from.

So what would you ask the new Doctor?  Do you have a question you think no one else will have thought of?  I'm going to have to spend a bit of time in thought on this one myself...  Something about bringing back vegetable accessories? Hmm...


Vertimyst said...

Kind of hard to ask good questions when we don't even know who it's going to be.

farsighted said...

he's just another doctor, that's who. How about: what's your catch phrase? LOL! I'm sure he/she doesn't know yet.

farsighted said...

Oh, and can I be the first to ask when are you leaving the show??? :D