Sunday, 8 September 2013

Two More "Leaked" Doctor Who 50th Anniversary Pictures are Fakes

Two more low quality 50th Anniversary Trailer pictures have supposedly leaked. They cannot be confirmed and appear to be fakes. Neither of these "scenes" appear in io9's trailer description.

The first picture shows Tennant in front of flames, possibly an explosion.

This image has, most likely, been taken from a publicity photo from Planet of the Dead, for example this SFX cover, and flipped. The resemblance can be seen here:

The second picture shows the TARDIS and what appears to be John Hurt amongst bodies. Speculating, this could very possibly be placed on Gallifrey at the end of the Time War, with dead Time Lords, as the Hurtoctor escapes.

Currently, no explanation has been provided for this, however we can only presume this to be fake too.
Apologies to everyone who saw this post's initial status. We have now been corrected and so have corrected the post.


Dave P said...

Personally i think the second pictures shows Smith instead of Hurt and am not sure if it is smoke or not but i think the TARDIS has the SJA logo on it. But it is such LQ that it is hard to see.

George The LOvebird said...

Twitter is currently saying these images are FAKE!

pcjonathan said...

I saw. Have been provided evidence and have fixed the article.

Schming said...

Second one looks like it could be from the Panorica opens/The Big Bang, on the battlefield where Rory shoots Amy? (completely from memory)

11th Doctor's Purple Coat said...

Perhaps the 1st one is real then. It certainly looks more authentic than the Tennant one. I dunno.