Friday, 1 November 2013

Foreign TV Broadcaster Leaks "The Day of the Doctor" Synopsis?

The Synopsis for "The Day of the Doctor" has turned up on a foreign TV guide site for Finland. The site, which provides details for all the common TV channels in Finland, shows The Day of the Doctor's entry under the related channel, yle TV1. While it did not come directly from yle themselves, it can be presumed that the content came from them (and thus, from the BBC). If you hover over the "Doctor Who" entry, it will show the synopsis.

This is, of course, in Finnish, but this can be roughly translated to:
"Clara saved The Doctor on Trenzalore, but entering the time stream awoke The Doctor's dark side. What if The Doctor had chosen differently on the last day of Gallifrey? A millennium as The Doctor, but what now?"

While some may consider this mere confirmation (upon "confirmation", especially due to the promotional images of The Daleks), it does also give an indication that it will be a fairly standard Moffat-esque episode with Moffat's love for messing around with time.

Interesting, however, the schedule on the official site has no mention of the synopsis, the 50th or even most of the content on that list. As usual, pinch of salt, etc.


Matthew Moir said...

Time War Baby!

Kevin Carter said...

Wvoop wvoop wvoop

Ethan White said...

I don't want to sound like the bad grape, but this synopsis, if true, scarcely makes any sense.
How does Clara entering the time stream awake The Doctor's darker side? Ordinary companions seem to have tremendous influence on The Doctor's past, present and future these days.
I presume by darker side they refer to Hurt's Doctor.
The last bit makes even less sense: "What if the Doctor had chosen differently on the last day of Gallifrey?" Seems completely unrelated to "awakening his darker side," as does "A millennium as The Doctor, but what now?"

What does that even mean?
I really hope this isn't going to be an elongated version of "Turn Left," where we were treated to a series of "what ifs," had The Doctor not done this or that.

The Enemy Of The Finn said...

Well, those points you make might be due to the translation.

Benjamin Kiryama David said...

>moffat making sense

Ms. Who said...

Just saying.. it doesn't air from YLE TV1, it's airing from YLE TV2 so that might be the reason why Tohtorin päivä (The Day of The Doctor) didn't show up in YLE's official website.
Yes, as a Finnish fangirl Whovian i had to comment.