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Sunday, 3 November 2013

The Day of the Doctor Minisode confirmed

The British Board of Film Classification have announced today that a minisode has been made for The Day of the Doctor, entitled The Night of the Doctor. The BBFC passed the material for release in the UK. The minisode has a running length of six minutes and fifty-four seconds, and stars David Tennant and Matt Smith. No more information has been included for the sketch so far.

Earlier last month, the BBC also passed a piece of additional material for the anniversary special called The Last Day. It is currently unknown whether either of these releases will be released on the BBC Doctor Who website, the cinema release for The Day of the Doctor, or the DVD release for the special.



FemininePhysique said...

I wish Moffat would ditch this penchant he has for minisodes. Just find a way to stick it in the episode proper. :/

Catherine Borgartz said...

Hopefully one of these minisodes will be shown during children in need

PaulAspel said...

I just wish he'd of made a 90 minute special and not a 75 minute one

Michael Gentry said...

I agree

will said...

I find the minisodes are better than the 45 minute episodes.