Thursday, 6 February 2014

Surreal Karen Gillian interview

From the Guardian. Full version at the link. The journalist is vaguely apologetic.

You retweet photos from History In Pictures a lot. What moment from history would you most like to photograph?

ELVIS. In any capacity possible. Perhaps if I'm visiting a moment I could interact with him? I'd go to Prestwick airport and wait for him to touch down in the UK that one and only time.

You've made a film about a haunted mirror. Does your character ever try to solve the problem by punching a mirror, like Kiefer Sutherland did in Mirrors?

My character knows the power of this particular mirror. No punch is a match for this creepy entity.

Complete this joke: 'Knock Knock/ Who's there?/ Dr...'

..Charles, I work with memory loss./Doctor charles who?/Oh no, this is worse than I thought.

Does Not Another Happy Ending have a happy ending?

Buy the DVD in February to find out. PUBLICITY!

Last time I saw you, you were panicking extensively about a flight you thought you'd miss. Did you miss it?

Which flight? This happens all the time. I always make it in the end though.

When you were bald, what sort of hat did you favour?

Those Scottish hat's [sic] with the ginger hair poking out the sides.

Who's your least favourite Doctor Who companion?

The worst Dr Who companion by far was Lassie. And yes, everyone says that dogs are the best companions but this thing NEVER LISTENED! Rummaged through the bins, left hair in a Dalek plunger. Ate my tiny reading glasses. I forget which episodes Lassie was in. But definitely her.

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