Thursday, 26 June 2014

No Doctor Who Panel for SDCC 2014

BBC America have revealed that there will be no Doctor Who panel at San Diego Comic Con this year.

Earlier this month, BBC Worldwide announced a global Doctor Who tour  to promote series 8 and among the details, it was mentioned that this would be the first time Capaldi and Jenna would be in the USA together.

Well, the unofficial San Diego Comic Con blog realised that this is 3 weeks after SDCC begins so contacted BBC America, who have confirmed that there won't be a panel at Hall H. This also means that it's highly unlikely there will be a SDCC exclusive, such as the 50th anniversary trailer that got fans so angry last year. It appears the majority of the effort will go towards the tour, understandably.

This does, however, not mention anything else at SDCC. The official Tumblr has asked for fans to submit their art for the booth, although with Nerd HQ failing to achieve the required goal, this means there may not be any related panel at all. Perhaps one of the cast will share a panel with others again?

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