Thursday, 15 August 2013

Getting to know the Eighth Doctor

As part of the eighth month in Doctor Who's fiftieth anniversary year, the BBC has teamed up with Big Finish Productons to deliver a sample of the life of the Eighth Doctor at a discount price:

"When Doctor Who: The Movie ultimately failed to spawn a new TV series, the Eighth Doctor looked as though he would remain solely represented by one, 90-minute adventure. But audio production company Big Finish had other ideas…."

This sample of the Eighth Doctor's life from Big Finish comes in the form of the New Eighth Doctor Adventures, a series which was launched back in early 2007. The series features BAFTA-winning actress Sheridan Smith as the Doctor's companion, Lucie Miller, in an eight-part series of original adventures.

For the rest of the month, the first episode in the series, Blood of the Daleks part one, will be available for 85% off its normal price, costing only £1.34! The story's conclusion, Blood of the Daleks part two, is 50% off, priced at £4.49. Please bear in mind that the offer only applies to the download copy of the story, and the CD version of the story will still cost £10.99.


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