Monday, 5 August 2013

Help make a Doctor Who spin off!

After the exceptionally well-received audio series, the Minister of Chance is well on its way to making its movie adaptation. Production on the movie is scheduled to begin at the end of September.

For those of you who are still unfamiliar with the series and its Doctor Who connections, the titular character, the Minister of Chance, appeared in the 2001 webcast Doctor Who: Death Comes to Time, where he was played by TV legend, Stephen Fry. The Minister has now, just like the Doctor, had his own face-lift, and is now portrayed by Julian Wadham. The cast of the series includes other familiar faces to the world of Doctor Who, such as Sylvester McCoy and Paul McGann, who both played the Doctor before the show's return in 2005.

Unlike Doctor Who and its better known spin-offs, the Minister of Chance is not funded by a production company like the BBC. The series is instead funded by the fans themselves, and relies on the generous donations of those who are willing. The team at RadioStatic need a total of £30,000 by the end of September in order to make The Prologue, the first part of the movie. So far, a total of just over £8,000 has been donated, so there's still a long way to go!

Fans shouldn't expect their donations to come without rewards, however, RadioStatic offers a number of perks for those who are willing to help them to make the film. These perks range from clothing, to the props themselves, all depending upon the size of the donation.

So if you fancy playing a part in the making of a Doctor Who spin-off, the page where you can start is here. For those of you curious about the audio series that came before it, they can be downloaded from the same site free of charge. 

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farsighted said...

This is a real worthwhile endeavor. Go to their site and download the free audios. McGann, McCoy and several other great actors are part of the audios, and the film should be really cool.