Wednesday, 18 September 2013

Doctor Hulu

(No, we're not sorry at all.)

As reported by the Wall Street Journal, BBC Worldwide has scored a win; they've cut a deal with Hulu to provide a gross of TV properties for streaming. One of these is Doctor Who, another is Torchwood, another is Sherlock..."The content, which includes over 2,000 TV episodes, mostly will be available on the $7.99-per-month Hulu Plus service, which has more than four million subscribers, though some will also be accessible through the ad-supported free version of Hulu. A few hundred episodes will be available this week." Hulu has info on the technicalities here.

So BBC Worldwide gets a goodish sum of money for finding yet another distributor to buy their stuff (it's a non-exclusive arrangement, obviously, so that Amazon/Netflix/actual BBC websites can continue to post Doctor Who episodes online as well). And they have a way to get even more people watching the show just in time to get a grasp of it before the anniversary celebrations start, while Hulu gets the benefit of lots of subscribers enjoying shiny award-winning television. A win all around, really.

Of course, what fans want to know is whether Hulu will be showing the old series or just start with Eccleston and go from there, and that's the one bit of info we don't have yet. Both Amazon and Netflix do have episodes from the pre-1990 days, but only a few per Doctor as opposed to whole seasons worth of Welsh-era Who (given the recent release of "The Green Death" special edition, having it available for streaming on both sites might not have been the best decision). But they don't have quite the same content (Amazon has several more stories than Netflix), so it can be hoped that a different list might be picked for Hulu subscribers.

Meantime, there are fewer appropriate images/videos for an article about a video-streaming company entering a financial arrangement with BBC Worldwide then you might think. So now for something completely different: here's a bad-quality but nevertheless entertaining video in which Tom Baker, in full costume, takes a short break between "Revenge of the Cybermen" and "Terror of the Zygons" to watch Disney films. Which is as good a reason as any to explain how Jacqueline Rayner smuggled her BBC PDA Wolfsbane between those two stories. (There's long-standing history between Disney and the BBC, as per this fascinating article about the history of the BBC on, erm, the BBC website. And yes, the Youtube commentators are quite right that this was aired the week before the premier of "Terror of the Zygons", so Baker's being literal in saying the audience will see him next Saturday...we'd have found one of Jon Pertwee to go along with this clip, but none of his linking footage for Disney films appears to have made it to the Internet yet.)


Fyrehawk said...

I have Hulu Plus. In addition to the new series series 1-7 they have 18 Classic Who stories. They are the same as what is available on Netflix.

Ingold Inglorion said...

This better not affect what's on Netflix. Hulu...way to have an even more restrictive streaming service. At least Netflix is not just US specific. I wish they'd get some more classic stuff up on Netflix, the current offering is pretty weak.

Christopher Allen said...

actually Hulu is missing the Three Doctors

Fyrehawk said...

no it's there under 'Season 10'