Saturday, 30 November 2013

Doctor Who Cuttings Archive relaunch

Articles like this TV Guide, f'instance. Happy anniversary.
Doctor Who News has the story: the Doctor Who Cuttings Guide, a database of DW-related news articles, is coming back after a three year hiatus. "The highly praised website which consists of newspaper cuttings related to Doctor Who, was launched by Roger Anderson in 1998. Earlier this year, Anderson, who ran the original website from 1998 through its closure in 2010, agreed to provide his collection of newspaper and magazine articles to Steven Hill, co-owner of Gallifrey Base, in order to make them available again to the public...The new archive curator is John Lavalie, whose focus has been on making the information accessible and useful, articles are being converted to text so the entire archive can be searched."

Their 433-article collection has a new website and is being updated now, so it's safe to say the site's in good hands for the time being. For whatever reason there's a lot of American articles, so don't go in expecting a treasure trove of pre-1990 info, but it's good that it's back online, anyhow. They have an open-submissions policy, so write in to if you like.

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And yours truly has been a bit busy prepping a new recurring feature for the website. Have a look in tomorrow round noon.