Tuesday, 26 November 2013

"Who is the Doctor?"

Still rummaging through all that radio. So just one more recommendation, and that's "Who Is The Doctor?", a ninety-minute piece that takes on the bold task of overviewing all fifty years worth of the show's history and succeeds at this surprisingly well. Starts off with the Jon Pertwee era and works forwards and backwards from there, which odd as it sounds has proven to be a perfectly workable strategy elsewhere...(the arguments about how "sound-led" Doctor Who used to be were also pleasing to hear).

Plenty of the material will be familiar to old fans, but some of the content is fairly obscure (they've gone back and used interview clips from Christopher Eccleston, with some great quotes about how the Doctor doesn't see the alien in aliens), and some of it is just plain surreal (we wanted to say that Gary Russell was unique in describing "Dimension in Time" as "lovely", but you'll be surprised by the google results for that.) It's a great intro for newcomers, explaining the spin-off books and audios in context with the show proper (Peter Darvill-Evans may be mixing up cause and effect when he says that Doctor Who fans were a literate group, therefore Target novelisations were successful, but it's pretty solid.) And someone thought of editing that quote from "The Three Doctors" with the obvious song, which is a nice touch.

(We were going to go with "Doctor" by Blood Donor to match the title of the post, but it didn't embed, and Delia Derbyshire's experimental soundtrack for Yoko Ono is long lost. So enjoy this November 1963 smash hit by the Rutles instead.)

 Narrated by Russell Tovey, who clearly loves the show (no sign that he's read "The Writer's Tale", though). It's available until Friday.

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